JERGENS® #BBflawless VoxBox Review

4c52ce7229f3717f555d27cf029150a7I received these lovely products complimentary of in my JERGENS® #BBflawless VoxBox for testing purposes. This review will be my own honest opinions of these products that came within the VoxBox.

Upon opening my JERGENS® #BBflawless VoxBox, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many products! The VoxBox came with a full size bottle of JERGENS® BB Body® Perfecting Skin Cream, a full size bottle of JERGENS® BB Hand Perfecting Hand Cream, and 3 travel size bottles of JERGENS® BB Protect Perfecting Body Cream. As a frequent user of creams and lotions, this VoxBox was perfect for me! I was definitely excited to try out these products to see how well they benefit my skin!

Descriptions of products:

  • JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream delivers flawless-looking skin with 5 visible benefits in just 5 days. This revolutionary body lotion goes on sheer, dries quickly, and works like a moisturizer to visibly improve your skin with every use.
  • JERGENS® BB Hand Perfecting Hand Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20 hydrates, evens, protects, visibly smoothes and diminishes dark spots. You’ll see significant improvements in the tone and texture of your hands, especially around your knuckles. Wave goodbye to dull and uneven skin and experience the benefits of BB Hand.
  • JERGENS® BB Protect Perfecting Body Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15 gives you five times more youthful looking skin. It goes on clear, dries quickly, and provides protection from the sun.

My review of JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream:

– After just 5 days of using JERGENS® BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, I could notice results. I would apply this cream on my skin after my shower and it would leave me smelling so good! Every day of use, my skin felt very hydrated and looked illuminated thanks to the BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream. By the 5th day, I was hooked! The results this cream had on my body definitely made me want to continue my use of the product!

My review of JERGENS® BB Hand Perfecting Hand Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20:

– I am someone who constantly applies hand cream to my hands. I love having smooth and soft hands, so I was thrilled to try JERGENS® BB Hand Perfecting Hand Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 20! With my first application, I knew I liked this cream! My hands felt very smooth, soft, and hydrated. Additionally, I enjoyed knowing my hands were being protected with the SPF 20 from the cream. After 2 weeks of use, my skin tone looked more even and feels softer than ever before! I have still been continuing to use this cream on my hands daily because it is amazing!

My review of JERGENS® BB Protect Perfecting Body Cream with Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 15:

– For this cream, I have been using it on the days I know I will be exposed to the sun more. This cream is great for hydrating your skin, as well as protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays thanks to the SPF 15 in the cream’s formula. After 5 days of using this product, my skin looked beautiful, had a more even tone, and felt softer, smoother, and more hydrated. I highly recommend this cream!

Overall, the products of the JERGENS® BBflawless Collection all do a spectacular job of ensuring your skin looks and feels beautiful, as well as providing protection from the sun’s rays to keep your skin healthy! Everyone should check out these products and purchase them if you want to experience the same results! You won’t be disappointed!


Crowdtap Contest: The Reasons Why I Love My BFF! is a website that you get to discuss your opinions on brands, earn points, and get rewarded with gift cards and free samples! They occasionally will have contests to enter, such as the one I’m entering with this blog post, which is sharing a memory I have had with my best friend. Everyone should check out Crowdtap and also read this post if you’d like about why I love my best friend!

This is a picture of myself and my best friend, Sierra in preschool! She is all the way on the left with her hood up and the curly hair. I'm in the very front with my arms crossed standing to the right of the girl in the white dress.

This is a picture of myself and my best friend, Sierra in preschool! She is all the way on the left with her hood up and the curly hair. I’m in the very front with my arms crossed standing to the right of the girl in the white dress.

My best friend is Sierra Marie Chapman! She and I have known each other since preschool! You may think, “Wow! That is a long time to be friends!” Well, we didn’t actually start off that way. We didn’t get along for a long time up until our senior year of high school in 2009! During our senior year, we had a class together, and one of our mutual friends was going through the death of her mother. It was heartbreaking for both myself and Sierra, to see our friend go through this tragedy! It brought all of us much closer and all the animosity that me and Sierra had against each other over dumb things in the past was quickly forgotten!

During the Summer of 2009, our friendship blossomed even more! I was constantly staying several nights at a time at her house and we would go all kinds of places! We were inseparable! I even ended up getting a job that summer where she was working at, which was a Mexican restaurant. We ended up working together there for 3 years! It was awesome! I knew from how close had gotten over that amount of time, that she was going to be my best friend!

Lil Wayne concert in 2011

Sitting in our seats at the Lil Wayne concert in 2011!

Sierra & Me being silly on a walk we went on!

Sierra & Me being silly on a walk we went on!

Since then, we have done practically everything together! We have went to college together, went to theme parks together, took long road trips, watched too many movies to count, spent holidays together, went to a concert together, had the most longest and random conversations, cried together, laughed together, and have became like sisters basically!

It is hard for me to narrow down one favorite memory, crazy adventure, or funny story I have had with her because I truly enjoy every moment I get to spend with her since we are so close! If I had to choose one of my favorite memories, I would say it would be when me and her decided one day to just take back roads with no destination just to see where we would end up! It was so much fun because we got to relax, talk, and enjoy the scenic view without having a destination in mind! We drove around for quite a few hours and she had to stop at every lake she saw because she loves lakes! It made me laugh so hard because as soon as she saw a lake sign, she got super excited and had to go find it! Simple times like that are what make us so close! We truly just have a good time being in the company of each other!

I want my best friend to know that I love her more than words can explain! I will always be here for her no matter what! She has always had my back and I will always have hers! We have gotten in a few little verbal fights over the years, but we never let that destroy our friendship! We always work it out because I know that personally, I’d be lost without her in my life! She is the best friend that I could ever ask for and I appreciate her so much!!!

My Taste Test & Review Of My Complimentary Celestial Seasoning Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea From Influenster’s #FrostyVoxBox!

20141214_234133I received a complimentary sample of Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea from in the #FrostyVoxBox. I normally do not care for green tea, but I figured I would give it a shot.

Upon opening the package, I could immediate smell the amazing scent of peppermint coming from the tea bags! From the smell alone, I could tell the tea was going to taste good!

I then proceeded to warm up some water and then put the tea bags into the warm water. The directions said to let the tea bags set in the water for 3 minutes, so I did.

20150205_181217IMG_20150205_182951Once the water turned a darkish color, I decided to give it a taste. It tasted wonderful! The peppermint taste reminded me of eating a candy cane! It also taste a bit like vanilla.

Overall, this green tea definitely made me change my perceptions on green tea and I may consider buying more flavored green tea in the future. I really enjoyed it!

I highly recommend Celestial Seasonings tea to anyone who wants a fragrant and delicious tea to enjoy!


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My Review Of The Rimmel London Products I Received Complimentary In My #FrostyVoxBox From Influenster

20141214_23362820141214_233431 In my #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster, I received a complimentary Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner to test and review. Upon receiving this eyeliner, I tested it out. I absolutely LOVE how smoothly this eyeliner goes on! It is very easy to apply and definitely makes your eyes stand out much bolder than with some of the other eyeliners I have used. I even lined my waterline with the eyeliner and the eyeliner stayed on all day! Therefore, I feel this eyeliner passes the waterproof test and is definitely worth purchasing! The retail value of this product is typically $4.49.

20141215_01404320141215_01530620141215_014859The other Rimmel product that came in my #FrostyVoxBox was Rimmel’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to also test and review. I have tested other makeup remover products before and Rimmel’s Gentle Eye Makeup Remover definitely passed the test! After applying a small amount of the makeup remover to a washcloth, I was able to easily remove all of my eye makeup. As you can see from the second and third pictures above, the product definitely does it’s job! This product typically retails at $7.49.

Overall, I highly recommend both Rimmel London products and I will definitely be purchasing these products myself again in the future!


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My Review of the #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster

#FrostyVoxBox from

For those of you that don’t know, Influenster is an amazing website that will periodically send you #VoxBoxes full of complimentary sample products from various different brands for you to test and review. If you are interested in joining this website, feel free to use this referral link:

Now onto my review of the products I received in the #FrostyVoxBox I received.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

In this lovely #FrostyVoxBox, I was sent Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner and Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. I absolutely LOVE Rimmel products, so I was definitely excited for these 2 products to be included in the box! I will be following up in another blog with a review of both of these products in case anyone wants to know my opinions on the quality for the retail value is worth purchasing.



 Another product I received was a beautiful shade of NYC New York Color Expert Last Lip Color in the shade of Sugar Plum. I really think the color is very complimenting and oddly enough, the lipstick actually smelled pretty good!


20141214_234133Also in the box was Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea. I normally am not a big fan of green tea, but I think the Candy Cane flavor may win me over! Can’t wait to try it out!


20141214_234221Boots No7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED serum was another sample that I received in the #FrostyVoxBox. I believe this product is to help reduce wrinkles and to make your skin look more healthy and vibrant! I can’t wait to see if I can see any results!


20141214_234039McCormick Gourmet All Natural Thyme is another product that was included in the #FrostyVoxBox. I’ve never used thyme before, but I am interested in looking up recipes that thyme can be used in to try it out!


20141214_234152Another item I received in my box was Strawberry Fruit Vines Bites. I typically hate licorice, but I’m hopeful that these will taste better than other licorice brands I have had in the past!



The final product that was in my #FrostyVoxBox was my EcoTools Styler + Smoother Hair Brush. I really think this is a beautifully made brush and I like the shape of it and how good it feels when I run the brush through my hair! I know I will definitely be getting use out of this brush for sure!


My Review of my sample of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash from Crowdtap

I received a complimentary sample of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash in the mail from Crowdtap. In case you aren’t familiar with Crowdtap, Crowdtap is a website where you fill out surveys about different products and you earn points. There is also challenges and missions you can complete to earn points as well. The more points you earn, the better your chances are of qualifying to receive complimentary samples of products.

To join Crowdtap, click the links below:
Crowdtap Website: (CLICK)

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The sample I received came with instructions on what all you are supposed to do with your sample in order to complete the sample experience and earn more points for your Crowdtap. For the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash sample, it asked to post tweets on Twitter about receiving the product and what you thought about it, as well as posting pictures and reviews to Facebook and Instagram.

Herbal Essences Links:
Herbal Essences Website: (CLICK)
Herbal Essences Twitter: (CLICK)
Herbal Essences Facebook: (CLICK)

Overall, I really enjoyed the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Body Wash! It smells absolutely amazing! It also leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and hydrated! Lastly, it leaves you feeling clean and relaxed! I highly recommend this body wash and Herbal Essences all together because they always have amazing products for very reasonable prices!

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My Review of the #MKGlam VoxBox from Influenster

I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster for testing purposes. The VoxBox I received was the #MKGlam VoxBox. It came in the mail packaged in a brown box with Mary Kay written on the side. When I opened the box, there was pink tissue paper on top. Once I removed the tissue paper, I found two cards that were instructions on what to do on and Influenster for those who receive the voxboxes. There was also a Mary Kay catalog in case you would like to purchase any of their products. Underneath all of this was all the goodies! The products that were inside include:

This is the #MKGlam VoxBox I received complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

They were all packaged very nicely in boxes and bubble wrap packages to ensure the products didn’t get broken when they were shipped. If you would like to see my unboxing of this VoxBox, you can click on the following link to watch it on YouTube: After I unboxed my VoxBox, I decided I was going to try all the products to see how they turned out on my face. The picture below is the final result.

This is the finished look of all the #MKGlam VoxBox products used on my face.

This is the finished look of all the #MKGlam VoxBox products used on my face.

I really thought all the products were easy to use and really complimented my facial features. It was my first time using bronzer, blush, and gel eyeliner. I found the bronzer very easy to apply and it really made my skin have a nice sun-kissed glow. The blush really accented my cheeks and brought some nice color to my face. The gel eyeliner I struggled with at first because I’ve never used gel eyeliner before. I’m not so great with eyeliner in general, so gel eyeliner was just another struggle for me. Once I figured out how to use it, however, it turned out great! I really enjoyed all the products and I may decided to purchase from Mary Kay in the future! If you would like to follow me, I will post where you can below:

If you would like to become a member of Influenster, you can leave your email in a comment for an invite or you can sign up yourself at The website is really fun, easy to use, and offers great complimentary voxboxes when you qualify!